Blue Belly Farm Specializing in Vermiculture (Raising Earthworms). Your suppliers of Redworms, castings & Earth Smart™ Products.

Blue Belly Farm is situated in the Sacramento Valley near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California, close to the town of Durham, Calif. Blue Belly Farm boasts a year-round climate which is ideal for the prolific production of Redworms. The worm beds are nestled near Live Oak Trees which provide cooling shade in the summer, and in the fall the trees lose their leaves to allow the winter sun to warm the beds. Thus the Redworms remain active all year.

Most of the food consumed by the residents of Blue Belly Farm is grown on the farm without the use of any chemicals whatsoever! The Redworms produce a fantastic fertilizer that creates enormous yields with remarkable flavor. Blue Belly Farm is dedicated to sustainable organic agriculture.

Redworms can assist us in both of these activities for Redworms are not only master composters but the castings (worm poop) they produce are the ideal organic plant growth medium. We would like to encourage others to recycle their organic waste and garden organically by offering you our quality Earth Smart™ products at a fair price.

Our mission at BLUE BELLY FARM is to help everyone become aware of the importance of using Redworms and their benefits, for sustaining a naturally healthy soil with prolific yields and converting organic garbage into a renewable resource.

We need to become Earth Smart™ for the children of today and tomorrow. So here’s to your health, and the health of the Planet.