(Eisenia Fetida)

Redworms are nature's master composters, honeybees of the soil I like to say. One pound of Redworms can consume 1/2 to 1 lb of organic matter per day. Redworms not only consume organic waste at an incredible rate they also leave behind natures ultimate plant growth enhancer. Redworms enrich the nutrient content of whatever they consume as well as conditioning this organic matter to a fine loam that resists leaching and packing while the time released nutrients are easily absorbed by plants.

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European Nightcrawler
(Eisenia Hortensis)

Rapidly gaining recognition as a superior bait worm, this tough skinned, lively worm holds up well in frigid water as well as brackish salt water, and can be refridgerated or kept in bait cups at room temperature for several weeks. They are rasied not picked and are available year round.

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Compost Mix (compost with worm castings mixed in
Cow Manure - fresh & digester
Composted Chicken Manure
Rice Hills
Composted Rice Hulls
Volcanic Rock
Special Mixes


Did you know?

Redworms stay home under normal conditions. They will not crawl away if adequate food and moisture are provided for them.

Redworms are bi-sexual, having both male and female reproductive organs. Each worm may produce egg capsules after mating with another worm.

Mature Redworms living under favorable conditions may produce an egg capsule every seven to ten days. Egg capsules incubate in 14 to 21 days producing from 2 to 20 worms with an estimated average of 4.

Newly hatched Redworms will reach breeding age in 60 to 90 days. The Redworm develops a muscular band called a clitellum around its body near the head signifying it is mature enough to breed.

Redworms continue to grow after reaching the breeding stage for 6 months before they are fully grown. The normal length of a healthy Redworm is about 3 to 3 1/2 inches and can grow to 4 inches.

Redworms have a life span of several years with some estimates of more than five years!


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